Why Haytown?

Haytown Nursery School of Tewksbury

Your Family’s School Story Starts Here

Here is Where You Meet “Your People”

When you choose Haytown, you’re not just choosing a school—you’re gaining a community. At our school, the friends you make become your family.   We believe that small acts make a big difference. Sometimes these things just make your day a little easier or better, but often they trickle down, making a more substantial impact.  Small talk with teachers or sticking around on the playground after school with other parents turns into having a team who celebrates your child’s achievements along with you, or an extra set of hands when you’re managing the kids alone, and so much more.

Education That Extends Beyond Our Children

At Haytown, our approach to modern education does not come at the cost of a personal, friendly experience. At Haytown, we take a comprehensive approach to children’s learning through family education. As unique as each of our children and experiences are, none of us are parenting in a silo. We all share challenges and can learn from one another. The Haytown Speaker Series is designed to provide parents with monthly educational seminars that focus on hot topics in parenting, and our Parents Night Out events offer frequent opportunities to share, connect, learn, and relax.

A Traditional Preschool for Modern Times

Finally, we believe in total transparency. You can depend on a clear and constant stream of communications from the school staff, not only in person but through the Haytown App. With this tool, everything you need to know is at your fingertips. It keeps you connected to the Director, teachers and other families, gives you a snapshot of your child’s day, and allows you to stay on top of school events.