Philosophy & About Us


“Your patience, love and always-positive attitudes are what makes Haytown such a special school. We are very lucky!” –Beth Cozza, Parent

Haytown Nursery School is a non-profit organization, established as such to ensure all decisions involving the operations of the school and its curriculum remain focused on the needs of children. The foundation of our philosophy is to provide a safe, loving, compassionate and mentally stimulating environment where children can grow intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically. We strive to promote:

  • self-esteem and confidence
  • positive relationships with peers and teachers
  • a sense of cooperation
  • learning self-regulation
  • an enthusiasm for learning

The walls to our foundation are built utilizing a specialized curriculum that meets the needs of each child at his or her own developmental level. This individualized approach enhances and encourages intellectual and emotional growth while fostering a love of learning. Children learn in a play-centric environment while developing the basic skills for reading, writing, math and science.

“CJ grew in so many ways this year! Most importantly he discovered he loved going to school…he loved learning and his teachers.” –Kristin Licata, Parent

Our philosophy nurtures young children to develop confidence and readiness for the increasingly rigorous challenges of kindergarten and beyond.

About Us

“This school provides a family atmosphere with the most kind, loving and caring teachers to be found anywhere. Haytown will always be remembered in our hearts as our extended family.” -Kim Thompson, Alumni Parent

We believe parents of Haytown children should know the faces, personalities and value systems of the staff that care for and teaches their children. Parents become familiar with those values the moment they walk their child inside the school. Each day the school director will greet you and your child at the entrance of the school, while the teachers eagerly await the arrival of your child at the classroom door where children are met with a smile.

“Haytown Nursery School was a great experience for my whole family. They created a balance of learning and nurturing that my son needed, and also that his mom needed.” –Lisa Fenton, Alumni Parent


There are many forms of communication between parents, school staff and the board of directors. These include weekly newsletters, emails, and phone. Parents always have:

  • Access to observe activities in the classroom at any time
  • Full disclosure of staff home phone numbers
  • The opportunity to request a conference with teachers to discuss their child’s progress or concerns
  • Mid-year parent-teacher conferences

Creating A Sense of Community

We encourage our children to play on the Haytown playground before and after school. Children learn from positive interactions with their classmates while parents have the opportunity to meet new friends in the community. There are also many family activities (and a few parent-only) activities planned throughout the year.

Special Considerations

Children with Special Dietary Needs and Allergies The entire staff attends workshops focusing on children with allergies and special dietary needs. Our teachers and the school director are committed to working with parents to create a plan to provide a safe environment for a child with dietary restrictions and allergies. We will also work with you to create emergency procedures in case a reaction occurs.

 “The staff has gone above their duty to successfully manage our children’s life-threatening multiple food allergies. Haytown has been proactive in educating themselves about our special needs, taking necessary training, and precautions throughout the day, and even re-thinking lesson plans to ensure all children can learn in a safe environment.” –Linda Freda, Parent

Healthy Snack PhilosophyFor the safety of children with nut allergies, Haytown Nursery School encourages a nut-free classroom environment. Haytown parents remain committed to providing healthy food for children to eat at snack time. These often include fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy crackers, cheese, yogurt, water, and juice. Snack is provided by parents on a weekly rotating basis.

Parents With Multiples

“In two years at Haytown, my twin girls have gone from being fully dependent on each other to being confident independent children. I give Haytown major credit for that transformation. They encourage free thought and independence in a safe, positive environment. This is a great comfort to me as my girls get ready for separate kindergarten classes.” -Jackie Pankuck, Alumni Parent

Our staff has many years of experience working with families who are raising multiples (twin and triplets). Teachers help the children grow to be confident and independent individuals while also recognizing and nurturing the natural bond these siblings have with one another.