Our Mission

Our mission is to:

  • Understand the strengths and challenges of each student. We grant our children the time to learn and grow at their own rate.
  • Take advantage of the teachable opportunities that occur throughout each day.
  • Promote meaningful play. This is the work of young children and the root of how they learn.
  • Offer students a wide variety of learning experiences that encourage and allow them to grow in all development areas: large & fine motor skills, creative expression, language, reasoning, and emotional intelligence.
  • Teach the social skills that will enable them to be a member of a community: entering play, sharing, working together, resolving conflicts, and empathy.
  • Prepare students for kindergarten and beyond. Our graduates are curious learners who work comfortably with others, participate successfully in teacher directed activities, and are equipped with developmentally appropriate literacy, mathematics, and science skills.