We believe children need to move and experience different environments to best engage in learning. It is with this philosophy in mind that we developed the interesting indoor and outdoor spaces that facilitate that process.

Our classrooms are designed to make children feel safe and to give them ownership over their environment.  The space is bright, cheery and comfortable. Tables, chair, and shelves are child sized; the books, toys and materials are in easy-to-reach places, and the rooms and halls are filled with colorful artwork and family photos.  Imaginative play centers located around the rooms promote creative play and encourages children to explore their abilities. Each of our classrooms has a cozy reading corner and a library of books that change with the unit of study.

We understand and value the importance of children having time to connect with nature. The Haytown playground is a safe and protected area behind our school, nestled among the adjacent horse farms. It is a space filled with endless possibilities for activity; children spend time creating, digging and discovering in the sandbox and dirt, running around in the grassy yard, collecting nature’s treasures, and playing imaginative games under our giant maple tree.

The playground is also equipped with climbing structures, slides, horizontal monkey bars, and a variety of other apparatuses that promote coordination, balance and physical strength.


Teachable opportunities are at every turn. Our school garden is a special place that provides an environment for authentic observation, discovery and learning.  Students enjoy watching and interacting with flowers, butterflies, the birds at our feeders, and even the friendly frog in the sandbox.