Haytown is a truly great school! Thank you for the bright, clean and colorful classrooms, enthusiastic teachers and the best playground around!” -John Gaybeal, alumni parent


Children need to move around and experience different environments to engage in learning. Our staff delivers a specialized broad-based curriculum in a variety of settings to engage the working knowledge of the world around them and to meet the child’s varying developmental needs within the school setting.

Younger Child Program

The younger children spend most of their day in a bright and cheery double classroom. Two large tables are utilized for art projects and snack time and imaginative play centers (blocks, legos, dress up, play kitchen, puzzles) are placed throughout the room. Special toys correlating with thematic units (dinosaurs, puppets, zoo animals, etc.) are introduced when appropriate. There is also a reading corner and a classroom library stocked with thematically appropriate stories and a comfy beanbag chair.

Older Child Program

The older children utilize three different areas in the school, often working in small groups so teachers can closely assess and differentiate instruction based on individual needs.

  1. Play Room: This is where the older children have circle time, show and tell and calendar lessons. There is also an ever-changing science table full of experiments and often a class pet or two visiting.
  2. Paint and Block Room: Children work on handwriting and fine motor skills activities in small groups in this room as well as exploring their creativity with art easels and large and small blocks.
  3. Project and Snack Room: This room is utilized for large art projects and snack time.


School Library

Our school library consists of over 1,600 books, thanks in part to a very successful Scholastic Book Program run by our parents. Teachers have tremendous flexibility to select from a diverse range of subjects and stories when planning units within the curriculum.

Community Center

Located on the second floor of the school facility is a small auditorium with a stage. This area is used for educational activities, music and science assemblies as well as performances by the children such as sing-a-longs, plays and parades.


“The playground at Haytown Nursery School is by far the best I have seen at any preschool in our area. The playground equipment and the surrounding grounds are well-maintained and very safe for our children to play on. I really like the fact it is located behind the school and completely fenced in.” — Maria Grant, parent

Where else can you be a pirate one minute and a train conductor the next? The Haytown playground offers a variety of durable outdoor equipment for students, ranging from monkey bars and slides to a sandbox and bouncy horse. In addition, there is a large patio area with numerous riding toys for children to enjoy.

The Haytown playground is located behind the school, away from the road. It is completely fenced in with direct access from the main entrance of the school. It offers a wonderful variety of high-quality equipment meeting a variety of developmental needs and promoting coordination, balance and physical strength.