September Newsletter from the Director

2nd Sep 2016



September 2, 2016


Don’t worry that children never listen to you.  Worry that they are always watching you.

Robert Fulghum


             We are all looking forward to the start of the school year!  Just a reminder that the Youngers and Olders classes are split for their first day with half the class coming on Tuesday and the other half on Wednesday. (You should have received a letter telling you when your child starts.)  Then on Thursday, everyone comes.  Also on Thursday, there is a parent meeting right after drop-off – please plan to have one parent or a representative attend.  Thanks!


            Just a reminder that children are to bring in water bottles every day with their names on them.  There will be a separate basket in the hallway for them.  Thanks for your help with this.


            Calling all Cowboys and Cowgirls!!  The board of directors has been working hard to set-up our big dance – the Haytown Barn Dance! It is a family fun night – what a great way to start the year and get to meet everyone!  It is on October 7th – invitations will follow.  Please set the date aside!


            Haytown will have a table at the Harvest Fest in Tewksbury on September 24th.  We will also be at the Califon Street Fair on October 9th.  Come visit us!

Would love to have you write a review of our school on Yelp and/or Great Schools!

The Giving Tree and The Community Board are in the hallway and ready to be used.


            Over the summer, Paul Greco and Todd Hicok (two of our dads from the Older class) very kindly repaired a railroad tie and some boards on our play equipment.  And they even painted them.  Many thanks to them!!!!

            On Monday, September 5th,  at 5:30 we will be “fluffing” the mulch.  We had 85 cu. yd. delivered, and we spread last year.  This year we just need to pitch fork it over. It helps provide extra cushion for our little ones. Would love some extra hands to fluff it!!!


            The older class will be going on a field trip to Melick’s in Oldwick on Tuesday, September 20th.  Permission slips and directions will be coming out next week. 


            Because of food allergies and because our children sometimes get “over-sugared” for birthdays, we are offering another way to celebrate children’s birthdays.  Instead of (or in addition to) cupcakes… you can bring in a birthday book.  The “birthday” student will pick a special guest (usually a parent) who will come in and read a book (one of the birthday boy/girl’s favorites) to the class. This will focus the celebration around the child and his/her guest while creating a literary experience for the whole class.   The entire class will sign the book, the book will stay at school for a couple of weeks, and then the birthday book will be taken home as a keepsake.  If parents/special guests are not able to come in to read a book, a book may be sent to school and the teachers will read it.  It is like a delightful, different way to celebrate.  However, if you would prefer sending in a birthday treat, we will accommodate you.


            If you haven’t done so as yet, please bring in your child’s health forms and emergency form.

            There is a supply of sunscreen in the office.  You are welcome to apply it to your child, but we cannot do so.

            Just so you know, state licensing requires us to call a parent anytime there is an injury to the head.  That can be bumped heads or sand in the eye or a fall where the child’s head is involved…  So, we will call you, and you can ascertain whether or not to come get your child.

            Authorized Release lists are in the classrooms.  If there is anyone else that you would like to give permission to have your child released to, please leave a note requesting this on my desk.  I’ll add the names to the lists. (And it goes in two other places.)

            Please remember that every child must get a flu shot between September 1st and December 30th.  Just bring me documentation when your child is inoculated.  Thanks!  

Some parents have requested a copy of the grace that we say before snack.  Here it is:

                        We thank thee Lord

                        For happy hearts

                        For rain and sunny weather.

                        We thank thee Lord

                        For this our food

                        And that we are together.




September tuition is now due – younger class without lunch is $403, with lunch is $511.  The older class is $529.  FYI, you pre-paid April and May when you registered.


Looking forward to a great year,




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