May Newsletter from the Director

11th May 2016



MAY 2016


Every adult needs a child to teach; it’s the way adults learn.

Frank A. Clark


           The Spring Open House is on Thursday, May 12, 2016. This is a family night – siblings are welcome, as well as grandparents, aunts, uncles… The children should be dropped off in their classrooms at 6:30.   We will then have the End-of –the-Year Ceremony in the big room upstairs.  The ceremony is not a formal graduation, but hopefully a sweet way to acknowledge the end of the school year. After the ceremony, we will escort the children back to the classrooms.  At that time you can pick up your children from the classroom, tour the classrooms/talk to the teachers and then have ice cream upstairs.  To help us plan, we will post sign-up sheets outside the classroom doors.  That way we will be able to know how many adults and children are coming.  Please sign up soon  so that we can figure out how many gallons of ice cream to purchase – thanks!!

BTW, we have included the option for Terrific 2’s and 3’s to participate in this year’s ceremony.  That class has received a separate email on this.


          On Tuesday, May 17, 2016 at 9:00 a.m., we will be holding our Annual Meeting of the Corporation.  At this meeting we will be electing a Board of Directors for the 2016-2017 school year as well as closing out end-of-the year business. Everyone who is a parent of a Haytown student for this year or next year is considered a member of the corporation and eligible to vote and attend the meeting – all are welcome.


          We still have openings in our classes for next year – although there is only one opening in the older class.  If you know of anyone interested in our school, please let me know.


           The Picnic will be on Tuesday, May 17, 2016 (rain or shine).  The children will come to school at 9:00 that day.  The parents then return at 11:00 to take their children outdoors to have a beautiful, sunnnnnny picnic (or upstairs if the weather doesn’t cooperate).  Everyone is welcome to attend – parents, grandparents, babysitters…There will be a sign-up sheet outside the classroom doors for things to bring to the picnic later this month.  We also need lots of help to make this happen – feel free to volunteerJ  (As a surprise for the children, we are having a face painter and a balloon artist come!)

Last day of class for Monday section of Terrific 2’s and 3’s is Monday, May 16th  

Last day of class for the Youngers and Olders is Thursday, May 19th

Summer camp begins May 23rd.



Summer camp registration deadline is Thursday, May 12th.  We just need to know numbers for ordering some supplies and staffing.

Week 1:  May 23-May 26 (Monday through Thursday)

Week 2:  May 31-June 3 (Tuesday through Friday)

Week 3:  June 6-7 (Monday & Tuesday)

9:00-12:00 each day

This is open to all children in our school this year or who are registered for next year.



          Many thanks to the Anderson family for hosting the younger class at their farm – everyone so enjoyed it!  And the older class loved seeing Skippyjon Jones at RVCC!

          The older classes will be taking a trip to Whittemore Wildlife Sanctuary to plant seedlings and explore on Thursday, May 10th.

          The younger class will be visiting the Fairmount Firehouse on Wednesday, May 4th.  They will also be having a Sing-a-long on Wednesday, May 11th.



The last dates for this are May 6 and May 13.  It is on Friday mornings at 9:30.



          Please, please watch your children on the playground after school.  Please don’t allow them to hang by their knees from any equipment or walk up the slide (especially as another child is coming down).  If your child needs to use the bathroom after school, please accompany them into the building.  I so appreciate your cooperation with this!  We want to keep everyone safe and happy!



We had formal conferences in March.  If anyone feels the need for an end-of-the-year conference, I’d be glad to arrange it.

Cherry blossoms:  my road (Salters Farm Road) is lined with cherry blossom trees that are in full bloom right now. They are a pink wonderland for a short time (then we get pink “snow”).  Because it is a circle, it is an easy quick drive through – come enjoy soon.

If anyone is willing to put a small Haytown sign on their property, please see me.  We would soooo appreciate it!



          Fine motor skills and spatial skills are not just important in handwriting, but also student’s ability in math and reading. 

          These are ideas to do at home from the Handwriting Without Tears connection:

  1.  Use tongs or large tweezers to pick up items in a container.  Ask how many items will fit in the container.
  2.  Use clothespins with letters on them, and have the children form words by clipping clothespins on a surface.  (Or just call out a letter and have your child find it and clip it on to something.) (Any use of clothes pins will strengthen their small muscle coordination.)
  3.  Pop bubble wrap.
  4.  Play Twister.
  5.  Use a hole punch to make confetti.
  6.  Use spray bottles filled with water to make letters on the sidewalk. (or driveway)
  7.  Hide pennies (or other small objects) in play dough.
  8.  Encourage children to play on monkey bars.
  9.  Ask questions as you do household chores.  For example, “How many oranges can fit into this basket?”

It gets to be a really busy end to the school year, but it has been an exciting, wondrous year!!!! 

Thank you for sharing your children with us!!!

                                                                                      As ever,



May 4          Wednesday             Youngers  trip to firehouse (9:30)

May 6          Friday                      Storytime (9:30)

May 10         Tuesday                 Olders trip to Whittemore (9:45)

May 11         Wednesday            Younger class Sing-a-long (9:15)

May 12         Thursday                End-of-the-year Ceremony  (6:30)

May 13         Friday                     Last Storytime (9:30)

May 17         Tuesday                 Annual Meeting of Corporation (9:00)

May 17         Tuesday                 Picnic 

May 19         Thursday                Last day of school

May 23        Monday                   Week 1 of summer camp

May 31         Tuesday                 Week 2 of summer camp

June 6         Monday                   Week 3 of summer camp

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