March Newsletter from the Director

1st Mar 2016

Curiosity is one of the permanent and certain characteristics

of a vigorous intelligence.

Samuel Johnson


Thanks to those who have responded for the planetarium trip (Thursday, March 10th).  If you haven’t done so, please get the permission slip and money ($8 per child and $8 per adult) in to me. FYI, you don’t pay at the door – we write one big check from Haytown.  We will have some extra seats for adults.  So if another adult, parent or grandparent… wants to come, let me know.  I attached directions to the planetarium to the permission slip – if you need them.   We schedule this trip during spring break for the college so that there is ample parkingJ


We have openings for all of our classes for next year.  If you know of anyone interested in our school, please have them contact me.  If there is anyone with financial concerns, please let me know.  Thanks!


Parent-teacher conferences were held last week.  Please know that we can set up a conference at any time during the school year, and we would be happy to do so before the year ends.


Enrichment for March will be a tour of 4 countries:  Ireland, England, France and Africa.  In April, we will be doing a month of Drama culminating in a performance.  If you haven’t signed up your child and still wish to, please let me know.


A fun family time was had at Panera’s with current families and alumni families!!  Plus we raised over $100 =)

The Virtual Garage Sale has begun.  We have already sold one item.  Let me know if you have something you want posted through us.


Storytime is on Friday mornings from 9:30 to 10:30ish.  It is a great opportunity for an activity on a Friday morning.  We have had children from our own school as well as from the area.  All are welcome.  This Friday the theme will be bears, and teddy bears are welcome to accompany their human companions.  The next week is a book on trains, and then there is a book on boxes – we’ll have fun building with that! There will be no Storytime on Friday, March 25th or on April 1st due to our Spring Break.


We are also planning a movie night right here at Haytown.  It will be in April – look for more information coming out soon.


We are happy to announce that we will be doing summer camp again at Haytown. Details (including dates) will follow!


Our Spring Break will be the week after Easter.  So our last day of school will be on Thursday, March 24th ,  and our first days back will be on Monday, April 4th.   

I will be away on a trip and not be in school on April 4th and 5th.  Please contact the teachers and/or board members with any concerns.


Please feel free to sign up for a classroom visit.  It is a wonderful experience to see them in action!


March tuition (for many of you, your last for this school year) is now due – $514 for the olders, $391 or $494 for the youngers.  Thanks!


Here are some helpful hints for helping get your child ready for kindergarten.  However, these are ideas not just limited to the older children because they are skills that the children start working on when they are in the younger class. Most districts’ kindergartens are full day programs.

Truly, one of the things that will help children is their self-help skills – can they walk (not be carried) in and out of school, have they learned to separate easily, can they take off and hang up their own coats (unassisted),  can they find their own coats, put them on and zip them up.  Can they dress themselves in the morning?  Can they do things independently within the classroom or at home?

It’s important that children learn to hold a crayon/pencil/marker with the tripod grip –not a fist grip.  Use short pencils (possibly from golf) or shorter pieces of crayons to promote this if children are gravitating to the fist-grip.  What also helps children is the use of scissors.  If the children are having trouble with the muscles associated with this, have them use play dough/clay, use tongs to pick up objects, use clothes pins, string beads,… – things to help strengthen the hand muscles.  (Did you know that cutting is actually a pre-reading skill?  It helps with tracking!)

They encouraged reading to your child – every day – for at least 15 minutes.  Stop while you are reading and ask your child to predict what will happen next or ask them to retell the story to you.

Talk to a child with “rich” language. 

Ask your child “what if” questions (like what if all the trees were blue?).

Give your children 3 step directions.

Encourage your child to stay with an activity until it is finished.

If you are working on an alphabet letter, try finding it in context – on a cereal box, on a sign, in a book that you are reading.  Say the sounds, show them the letter and trace out the shape of the letter – that way you are appealing to the visual, auditory and kinesthetic aspects of learning.  You can trace it in rice or flour or bird seed or shaving cream, too.

It is very important that a child be “part of a group”, able to interact with and actively engage with other children.  Besides school, schedule play-dates.

You want “can-do” children who want to learn, who can sit and listen and attend to a story, who actively engage in learning, who can approach and interact with a group, and who can also pursue learning independently.

Don’t forget that children really need outside play time – for coordination, nature, large muscle skills, social skills…  (SOON!)

As ever,


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