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Dear Parents,

Haytown Nursery School was founded in 1974 as a non-profit school, based on the philosophy that a child’s first pre-school experience should be in a friendly, loving and compassionate environment. Haytown is a place where children grow not only academically, but also socially and emotionally. It is a place where they learn to love learning.

The school was founded on these premises and continues to grow with a highly experienced, highly educated, and very caring staff. Most of our staff’s children went to Haytown, so there is an emotional attachment to and an acknowledgement of the rich educational atmosphere at the school.

While the location of our school has changed since 1974, the core values are the same. To this end, the staff does continuing education hours yearly, participating in workshops, attending seminars and bringing back new skills and ideas to the school. Their new experiences broaden our curriculum, understanding and environment.

We invite you to explore the uniqueness of our school and its programs. Then we invite you to visit Haytown and see first hand how the growth of your child can be nurtured. I look forward to seeing you and your child!

Marge Moore, Director

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